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Nucleus colonies (nucs)

Nucleus colonies (nucs)

SKU: 364215375135191

If you're interesting in keeping bees for yourself or need a replacement colony we have nucs available in spring.


Five frame nucs with mated and marked queens from next year. 

Estimated time to be ready is early April, however this is first come, first serve so if you order late and the early ones are already reserved, it's more likely that your nuc will be ready closer to mid-April. 



My apiary is located in North Charlotte. Will provide cardboard nuc box for transport. IF NUC BOXES ARE RETURNED I WILL REFUND BUYER $10


Queens can be marked upon request but we will not clip their wings.


To reserve a nuc prior to spring, those interested will need to place a $30 deposit per nuc. $150 will be required at the time of pick for a total of $150 per nuc.


    You purchase the product on the site but it will NOT ship to you. That is why the shipping is listed as free. $50 will get you a reserved nuc for the spring. The rest of the of the cost ($130) will be needed at pickup. Local pickup to Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

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